One Valley One Vision

Plans for Future Growth of the Santa Clarita Valley

Please Come Join Us on

Monday, November 17th from 5:00pm - 8:00pm
at Castaic Elementary School,
30455 Park Vista Drive in Castaic

The City of Santa Clarita encourages anyone interested to come and participate. All aspects of the county's general plan will be open for discussion. This program is a combined effort between the City of Santa Clarita and LA County to create a blueprint for the future of the city and for the Santa Clarita Valley area as a whole. This will serve as aguideline to determine how residents live and what shape neighborhoods will take. It will also impact how businesses operate and will determine how they will fit into the overall plan for future growth in this area.

Such concerns as how the city and county will deal with traffic congestion, future development, how much density will be permitted and how open space and parks will be allocated will be addressed. If you are worried about any of these issues, please attend and voice any concerns you may have. Just think, future developments could turn your quiet road into another Benz Road, or some developer just might decide to invade your peaceful neighborhood with some huge urban shopping center. If you don't say anything now, five years from now it just might be too late! Please come and defend your interests!

For more information on this meeting, or any of the other three meetings, please contact Jason Smisko, City Senior Planner at 661-255-4306.