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25439 Via Macarena, Valencia , CA 91355 (661-755-3772)

Greetings DN38ers

We're gearing up for our June 8 Primary GOTV efforts and hope you will help us.  At our last meeting we

·        Decided to do a generic GOTV effort to Dems/DtSs but with a special emphasis on getting Prop 15 passed (see below for all the activities you can be engaged in to help get this all important Prop passed.) 

·        We decided to contribute $250 to the Prop 15 campaign and $200 to Diana Shaw's 38th AD race.

·        We want to urge City Council to combine the SCV elections with the State Primary to save money. 

·        We are expecting to get our walk/phone lists this week so we can begin our GOTV efforts.  Please let me know asap which streets you will walk.(again - see below). And come to the Prop 15 Phone Banking parties this Saturday and on 5/29 at our house (see below)

·        We will be doing Voter Registration this coming Saturday, May15, from 10am-2pm at the Sylmar Park ( Sylmar Recreation Center 13109 Borden Avenue Sylmar, CA 91342. Phone: (818) 367-5656 .)  Steve Brooks, Kristin Ingram-Worthman and Dorri Raskin are heading this up.  We need one more persons for the 10-12 shift and 2 more for the 12-2pm shift.  Please let me know asap if you can do it.

·        Our next DN38 meeting will be on Wednesday, May 26, 6:30dinner 7pm meeting at URBANE CAFE off the Old Road (exit Lyons Ave, turn RIGHT.  RIGHT on The Old Road.  The restaurent is almost at the top of the hill.  Take a RIGHT into the shopping center.  Turn LEFT and then a quick RIGHT around the Starbucks/Subway strip)

I know what an effort it is to be part of a "permanent GOTV organization" to forward our Democratic candidates and work for the passage of good propositions.  For nearly 5 years we have walked/phoned in EVERY election - local, state and national.  I know that sometimes we get weary but I also know that our efforts have made a difference.  We are so close to 'turning the 38th Blue' but we need you with us to march on.  Please do what you can - walk/phone/VR.  For what it is worth, DN38 is regarded by Dems around the state as one of the best GOTV organizations.  For that you should be proud. As always, my deep gratitude to all of you.








Greetings SCV Fair Elections Prop 15 Supporters


We are doing really well in our efforts to inform/educate and encourage voters to cast their ballot for Prop 15 in the June 8 election.  We're coming down to the wire and we need everyone's help to bring our campaign home.  Many thanks to all of the volunteers who have tabled at the Mall, arranged for speakers to come to their meetings and done everything else so far.  Here is what our plans are for the rest of the month and I hope you will commit to do at least one thing to help us.


1. We are having a BYOCP (Bring Your Own Cell Phone) phone banking this Saturday, 5/15 and again on 5/29 from 6-9pm.  We will be calling high propensity Democrats and Decline to States urging them to vote for Prop 15 on June 8.  We can order pizza or anything the group would like and have a jolly time together.  Our address is 25439 Via Macarena, Valencia, (off Wiley Cyn Road, the first RIGHT after you turn off Orchard Village Road. Fourth house on the LEFT from the cul-de-sac - look for the bumper stickers on our car!) (CAVEAT - only people who promise NOT to turn me into the 'Good Housekeeping Police' will be admitted!  I can be an activist or a housekeeper but not both!)


2. We will be getting our walk/phone lists of  high propensity Democrats and Decline to States very soon and I hope you commit to walk your neighborhood knocking and dropping.  These voters are very receptive, nice people.  They really want the information.  Studies have shown that the best way to influence voters is face-to-face converstations with them.  We will give you the walk/phone lists and your materials.  Please let me know right way the streets you want to walk so that my dear hubby can prepare the lists for you.  You can then come over to pick your lists/material at our house.  If you have never walked before, let me know.  We'll get an experienced walker to go with you to show you the ropes. (Experienced walkers, let me know if you can help out.)


3. Our last weekend tabling at the MALL will also be on 5/29.  Carol Winkler & Kirby Peterson will be taking the 1st shift (11-1pm) with me and Frank Smathers and Roselva Ungar will be on the 2nd shift(1-3pm). Thanks to all of them.


4. We will be going to the Senior Center this month.  Still waiting for confirmation of the date.


5.  I will be on KHTS AM1220 on Tuesday, 5/18 on the Carol Rock Show around 10am


6.  Trent Lange, Chair of the CAFair Elections Campaign will be on Ch 20 with Leon Wardon (not sure of the date yet)


7. Barbara Cogswell has written a great op/ed for the Signal.  I'm still working on getting it published. Thank you Barbara.


8.  We need you to write LTRs (Letters to the Editor) to the Signal  "" <>; RIGHT AWAY supporting Prop 15. 


9.  If you want to have fun, the CA Fair Elections Campaign is having a Fund-raiser benefit (below) this Thursday evening, a screening of Casino Jack, the story of Jack Abramoff.  Let us hope that when Prop 15 is passed we will see the beginning of the end of such outragious corruption.


10. Send a donation to the CA Fair Elections Campaign.  We are getting another box of the flyers for us to use to walk our neighborhoods. It costs $500 to get 10,000 flyers printed up. They are also printing up more yard/window signs, etc.  This is a GRASSROOTS campaign.  Every $5 donation (or more) helps to get more material printed.  We have no deep pocket supporters.  Send your donation to Californians for Fair Elections, 3916 S. Sepulveda Blvd # 109, Culver City, CA 90230 or go on-line and make a donation


Again, thank you for all you are doing.  Please PLEDGE to help us bring this campaign home victoriously by doing at least one thing.  We can't win without you !!






Fair Elections coalition logos


You are invited to a special benefit screening of





Yes on Proposition 15

The California Fair Elections Act


Thursday, May 20 at 7:15 pm

Landmark Theater

10850 West Pico Blvd., West Los Angeles

Tickets $20

(Must be purchased in advance at


A probing investigation into the lies, greed and corruption surrounding D.C. super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff and his cronies, the film was directed by Alex Gibney, director of Enron: the Smartest Guys in the Room and Taxi to the Dark Side.


Following the film, stay for a panel discussion about how Casino Jack shows why we need Proposition 15 so elections are won, not bought:


«Kathay Feng, California Common Cause

«Jessica Levinson, Center for Governmental Studies

«Trent Lange, Chair of the Yes on Proposition 15 Campaign





Sponsors:  League of Women Voters of LA, California Common Cause, California Clean Money Campaign, LA Coffee Party, Progressive Democrats of America, LA and Topanga Canyon

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Yes on Proposition 15, Californians for Fair Elections,
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3916 S. Sepulveda Blvd, Suite 109, Culver City, CA  90230.
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