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Democratic Neighbors of the 38th AD

          --“the feet of the Democratic Party in the 38th AD..." 


25439 Via Macarena, Valencia, CA 91355 (661-755-3772)


Next meeting will be on April 28,2010 6:30pm at Urbane Cafe - the Old Road, Valencia - just off the 5*


Greetings DN38ers,


We're back from the CA Democratic State Convention where we were inspired by Barbara Boxer, Jerry Brown, Janice Hahn and numerous other great Democratic leaders.  We got Prop 15 endorsed, protection of the Mental Health Services Act (Prop 63) included in the new State Platform and other victories.  I worked all weekend getting about 125+ endorsements for our great 38th AD Candidate, Diana Shaw.


We need to start working for the June Primary.  We have to get the voters informed about Prop 15 and educate them about how awful Prop 14, 16 and 17 are. We need to get people to vote for their candidates for County Committee, AG, Insurance Commission and Lt.Gov.


I hope you will consider volunteering for our Prop 15 efforts. 

As always, lots to do.  Hope to see you at our meeting on 4/28. 









DN38 Agenda 4/28 meeting

Call the meeting to order




Treasurer’s Report:


 Old Business


1. SCV City Council April election - GOTV for our Democratic candidates

2. Voter Registration: set schedule for next few months at Sylmar Park

3. June Primary – GOTV for Democratic candidates and propositions

4. Responding to SCV's Immigration issues

5. SCV Fair Elections Committee for Prop 15 passage


New Business


Next Meeting: May26 COCOs 10841 Sulpulvida, Mission Hills 6:30 dinner, 7pm meeting  




DN38 Minutes

Dem's Neighbors of 38Th meeting  on 2/24/10


This is last year for our club to be in existence-we need to use up our money.If we don't,money goes back to LACDP.Money can go to GOTV,candidates. Cut off date will be after the Nov election


Question regarding date of redistricting,ballot measure amendment will challenge it.


Old business:

l. Walking for Harrison Katz for SCV City Council(April 13 election) and for Prop 15(CA fair Elections Act)June 8.Walking dates are on Sat 2/27;Sun 2/28,Sat 3/6,Sun 3/7,3/14,3/21, and Sat 3/28.

Meeting at  3pm Newhall Post Office from 3pm until dusk.  Hitting high propensity Dem's.  Will distribute fliers for Harrison and Prop 15.  You can return walking lists at the post office or deliver them to Carole Lutness's house. Kristian will walk for Harrison's well as Steve and Marcia.Return lists to Nick so he can scan them.Call Harrison if any questions.


2.Voter registration in Sylmar will be on 2/20,4/10,and 6/15.Email or call Carole when you can help.  Kristan and I will help on 3/20.Any questions,ask Carole.


3.June primary:Jerry Brown fr Gov, Diana Shaw is running for 38Th Assembly.She is a retired lawyer,progressive and excited about running.  Call Mike 661-373-5397 or Carole if there are any fairs,neighborhood councils meetings,clubs,open house


3.Prop 15-CA Fair Election act for the June ballot.  We'll do GOTV for the April and June eletions for Prop 15. Meeting regarding prop 15 at Caruso's Meeting will be on 3/7/10 at 7pm..


4. Bob Kellar's racist comments-people working on a draft from the DAA regarding issue sand making a constructive response.Steve says let them become citizens.people want city council to oppose abusing people.


New business:


1. Election of new officers - Dorri becomes  Secretary and Todd is DPSFV rep and Lynn Plambeck is the alternate.



*Diana Shaw has a face book page and will be having a web site.

*Marcia says it's a tight race for Barbara Boxer she will get bumper stickers for us. We need to get people to the poll.

* Carole spoke about LA city ethnic committee making it easy for corporations to give money.They changed thier ruling based on Supreme Court's decision.  LA wilj now have difficulty being union city.Shop at thrifts.

*Problems with judges and money-In N C, the tobcco industry bought the judges.

* Jackie Conway is running for 25th congress .

* Black Hisory month will be celebrated next month because working on statement against Kellor.It will be at St Stephens.

* Steve would like a calender of events.

* This Sat, SCV Minutemen rally.  Discussion - should we fhave a counter rally,osbserve and videotape/photograph people there.

Dave mentioned a statemnt if  Jewish people don't exist,we have to create them we need someone to scapegoat.He said it was 2 tier Nazi.

*Lynn would like to have something against coroporations-public isn't your credit cards.


Next meeting will be on April 28,2010 at Urbane Cafe - the Old Road - just off the 5


All voted to end meeting. Adjourned 8:30pm

See you on 4/28/10. 

Dorri Raskin, Secretary


*(exit Lyons- turn LEFT, turn RIGHT onto The Old Road. Urbane Cafe is up the hill on the RIGHT behind Starbucks/Subway. Take the last turn (RIGHT) into the Shopping Center before you get to McBean. Then turn LEFT at the Starbucks. The restaurant is to your RIGHT around the corner.  Or exit McBean. Go LEFT to the Old Road. Turn LEFT. Turn LEFT into the first driveway.  Turn LEFT at the Starbucks )