Tuesday, March 09, 2010

6:00 PM

City Council Chambers

23920 Valencia Blvd. 1 st Floor

Santa Clarita, CA 91355




Public Participation Process

During the Public Participation portion of the meeting, each person wishing to speak should prepare a presentation of not more than three (3) minutes. Public Participation speaker's slips must be submitted to the City Clerk BEFORE this portion of the meeting begins. Anyone wishing to address an item on the agenda should fill out a speaker's slip and submit it to the City Clerk BEFORE the Mayor announces the item. Each person addressing the Council is given three (3) minutes to speak indicated by a colored light system on the Council dais; a green light appears when the speaker begins; a yellow light appears when 30 seconds remain and a red light appears when time has expired. Comments should be complete at this time.

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, if you need special assistance to participate in this meeting, please contact the City Clerk's Office, (661) 255-4391. Notification 48 hours prior to the meeting will enable the City to make reasonable arrangements to ensure accessibility to this meeting. (28CFR 35.102-35.104 ADA Title II)







March 2010 - Safe Communities Month Proclamation

Recognition of Sergeant Anthony "AJ" Rotella and the City Of Santa Clarita Business Alliance Program for Being Selected as a Finalist for the 2010 James Q. Wilson Award for Excellence in Community Policing


Magic Mountain Phase 2 - 2009 APWA So Cal Chapter Streets and Transportation Project of the Year Award Winner

Presentation from Captain Anthony La Berge

Parks, Recreation, and Community Services Commission Goals for 2010 _________________________________________________________________________



This time has been set aside for Councilmembers to review the agenda and obtain any further information that may be needed. Council will also discuss each individual item during the course of the meeting with the exception of the Consent Calendar, which may be approved in its entirety by one motion, unless there is a request to pull an item for discussion. No action will be taken on public agenda items during the Executive Meeting.

APPROVAL OF AGENDA - Mayor to inquire whether there are any changes to the Agenda or if any member of the Council or the public would like to pull for discussion, any item on the Consent Calendar.



All matters listed under the Consent Calendar are considered routine and will be enacted by one motion by the City Council. The items are not individually discussed by the City Council unless a request is made by a member of the public or the Council, in which case, the item(s) will be removed from the Consent Calendar and will be considered separately.


APPROVAL OF MEETING MINUTES - The minutes of the previous City Council meetings are submitted for City Council approval.
RECOMMENDED ACTION: Approve minutes of the February 23, 2010, special and regular meetings of the City Council.



READING OF ORDINANCE TITLES - Government Code Section 36934 requires that all ordinances be read in full prior to Council taking action on the ordinance. By listing the ordinance title on the Council agenda, Council may determine that the title has been read.
RECOMMENDED ACTION: Determine that the titles to all ordinances which appear on this public agenda have been read, and waive further reading.



AMERICAN NATIONAL RED CROSS 2007 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA WILDFIRES RECOVERY, PLANNING, AND ASSISTANCE PROGRAM GRANT - The American Red Cross 2007 Southern California Wildfires Recovery, Planning, and Assistance Program has awarded the City of Santa Clarita a grant in the amount of $28,850. This grant is for the development and printing of a community emergency preparedness handbook.
RECOMMENDED ACTION: Accept American National Red Cross 2007 Southern California Wildfires Recovery, Planning, and Assistance Program grant in the amount of $28,850. Increase estimated revenues in account 100-4561.001 by $28,850 in Fiscal Year 2009-10. Increase estimated expenditures in account 15308-5171.002 by $28,850. Authorize City Manager, or designee, to execute any contract documents, change orders, or amendments arising out of this program, subject to City Attorney's approval.



GOLDEN VALLEY ROAD WIDENING AND MEDIAN IMPROVEMENTS FROM CENTRE POINTE PARKWAY TO SIERRA HIGHWAY, PROJECT S3027 - AUTHORIZATION OF FUNDING TO PROCEED WITH DESIGN SERVICES - This project will construct street and median improvements on 1.9 miles of Golden Valley Road to improve traffic flow from Centre Pointe Parkway to Sierra Highway.
Adopt a resolution approving a loan in the amount of $250,000 from the Via Princessa Bridge and Thoroughfare District to the Eastside Bridge and Thoroughfare District; appropriate $250,000 from Eastside Bridge and Thoroughfare District fund balance to Expenditure Account S3027301-5161.001; award a design contract to Sikand Engineering Associates for professional civil engineering design services for the Golden Valley Road Widening and Median Improvements from the project limits of Centre Pointe Parkway to Via Princessa in the amount of $75,000 and authorize a 15 percent contingency in the amount of $11,250, for a total amount of $86,250; award a design contract to WRA Engineering, Inc., for the project limits from Via Princessa to Sierra Highway in the amount of $72,000 and authorize a 15 percent contingency in the amount of $10,800, for a total amount of $82,800; authorize additional expenditures from Account S3027301-5161.001 in the amount of $80,950 for landscape design services, design administration services, staff oversight, coordination with utility agencies, and related project administration costs; and authorize the City Manager or designee to execute all documents, subject to City Attorney approval.



CHECK REGISTER NO. 3 - Approval of the Check Register.
RECOMMENDED ACTION: Approve and ratify for payment the demands presented in Check Register No. 3.




FEDERAL LEGISLATION: IMMIGRATION - A collection of six bills and one resolution that have been introduced in the United States House of Representatives addressing various issues associated with illegal immigration such as border security, birthright citizenship, employee verification, municipal authority, in-state tuition, and voter-fraud.
RECOMMENDED ACTION: Support H.R. 994, H.R. 997, H.R. 1868, H.R. 2083, H.R. 3571, H.R. 4548, and H.Res 1026 and direct staff to transmit statements of position to Representative Howard P. "Buck" McKeon, the primary sponsors of each measure, and other Members of Congress as appropriate.



This time has been set aside for the public to address the City Council on items that are NOT on
the agenda. Council will not act upon those items at this meeting other than to review and return without action or provide direction to staff. ALL speakers must submit a speaker's slip to the City Clerk prior to this portion of the meeting and prepare a presentation not to exceed three (3) minutes. The number of people wishing to speak will divide the thirty minutes allowed for public input, maximum time allowed per person will be three (3) minutes.

STAFF COMMENTS (Matters of Public Participation)

ADJOURNMENT - In memory of Ian Gelig.


The next regular meeting of the City Council will be held Tuesday, March 23, 2010, at 6 p.m. in the Council Chamber, 1st floor of City Hall, 23920 Valencia Blvd., Santa Clarita, CA.


I, Sarah P. Gorman, City Clerk, do hereby certify that I am the duly appointed and qualified City Clerk for the City of Santa Clarita and that on March 4, 2010, between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., the foregoing agenda was posted at City Hall and the Santa Clarita Sheriff's Station.

Sarah P. Gorman, Esq.
City Clerk
Santa Clarita, California

The official agenda is posted at City Hall in accordance with state law.
This copy is for general information only.
In the event of a conflict between this copy and the posted agenda, the posted agenda shall prevail. Questions regarding this agenda should be directed to the City Agenda Coordinator at (661) 255-4391.