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Democratic Neighbors of the 38th AD

          --“the feet of the Democratic Party in the 38th AD..." 



25439 Via Macarena, Valencia , CA 91355 (661-755-3772)


January 27. 2010 Meeting - **NEW LOCATION**

6:30pm Dinner, 7pm Meeting

Urbane Cafe 25916 The Old Road Unit B-3, Valencia, CA 91381 (exit Lyons- turn LEFT, turn RIGHT onto The Old Road. Urbane Cafe is up the hill on the RIGHT behind Starbucks/Subway - It used to be Wild Thyme)



Greetings and Happy New Year and Happy New Decade.  Let's hope this one will be a lot better than the last on. We are going to have a very busy year with Santa Clarita City Council election in April, the primary in June and the General election in November. As always we will be fulfilling our GOTV duties by walking, phone banking and doing Voter Registration up the 210.  We need your help.  Spending 3 or 4 hours on a Saturday or Sunday can make all the difference between victory and defeat. 


Also, if you haven't done so, please pay your 2010 dues ($10).(make checks to DN38 and send to 25439 Via Macarena, Valencia , CA 91355)  We need the money for Xeroxing, postage and other GOTV activities.   We have hundreds of people who have volunteered to GOTV over the years but only 60 people paid their dues last year.   


ANNOUNCEMENTS (see details below)


1. DN38 meeting - January 27, 2010, at 7pm Urbane Cafe (see above). We will be planning our GOTV activities and discussing all the elections - candidates and Props. (There is a possibility that there will be more than 50 props on the June/Nov. ballots!)


2. Still confused about the economy and the best path to take for recovery?  Economist and author Mark Pash speak to us on "Surviving the Economic Tsunami" - money policy and economics on January 14 at 7pm at St. Stephens Episcopal Church, Orchard Village Rd. near Lyons Ave. Please see his websites. American Monetary Institute  Economics  for Democrats  Please come at 6pm if you can help to set up.  We also need folks to clean up.


3. On the following Thursday, January 21, 7pm also at St. Stephens, we will have a meeting of interested citizens to learn about CA Fair Elections Act  Proposition.  You will remember how active we were several years ago when the Clean Money prop (Prop 89) was on the ballot.  Even though it was defeated all the work we have done to forward Clean Money has paid off.  The California Fair Elections Act will be on the June 8, 2010 ballot that will create a pilot program to allow candidates running for Secretary of State to run "clean" - that is, not take money from outside sources and not use any of their money.  They will receive Public Money to run their campaigns.  "Clean Money” has proven to be very successful in Arizona, Maine, North Carolina and many other places around the country.  It is supported by Democrats and Republicans.  We will be activating our bi-partisan SCV Clean Money for Better Government Committee renamed the SCV Fair Elections Committee in January to begin educating our community about the benefits of having a Public Finance Option available to candidates.  


4. 2010 GOTV - April 13- SCV City Council, June 8 - Primary, November 2 - General Election.  We have a Democrat, Harrison Katz running for Santa Clarita City Council.  Harrison is a COC student who wants the needs and views of young people to be better represented on City Council (see  We will begin walking for Harrison in a couple of weeks.  We need to start early because the VBMs will be coming out in early March.


5. Grandmothers (and others) for Peace - regular monthly vigil 3-4pm February 7, corner of McBean Pkwy and Valencia Blvd (Mall side)


6. We will again be conducting Voter Registration starting in February. (exact date TBA)  We will be at the Sylmar Recreation Center 13109 Borden Avenue Sylmar, CA 91342. Phone: (818) 367-5656 between  10am-2pm.   Please let me know right away if you can volunteer for a 2 hour slot (10-12, 12-2).  We are having real success doing this. By focusing on an area that has been under organized we are not only getting new Dems but also building a foundation for a Democratic Club in that area. 




Coco’s Restaurant—Mission Hills

October 27, 2009; 7 p.m.

Meeting Convened:

Carole Lutness opened meeting at 7 p.m

In Attendance:

Carole Lutness, Kristin Ingram-Worthman, David Chapman, John Anderson, Lynne Plambeck, Rosemary Jenkins


approved (read through e-mail)

Treasurer’s Report:

John Anderson: as before

motion to reimburse Rosemary Jenkins for $50 to pay for her husband’s ticket to the Truman Event (Rosemary’s ticket was already paid; she is our Volunteer of the Year)

passed unanimously


1. We have walked for candidates for School/Water Boards (at least 2000 door-todoor)

2. Voter Registration: November 21, 2009, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

location: at Sylmar Recreation Center Park on Borden

or Von’s Supermarket at Foothill near Hubbard

3. Saturday, October 31, 2009, phone banking at Carole’s house

4. Keep Radio Free SC

a vote by Congress this week for low-power, small-band FM public radio

5. working for Paul Krekorian for December 8, 2009, election to City Council (Daniel Tamm is


6. working on "clean money" after election

7. Shelter Benefit (joint affair) on December 29, 2009

8. officers will carry over for one more year

9. DN38 will have to disband at conclusion of 2010 year because of the Census (and


Next Meeting:

Set for January (will skip November and December due to Holidays)

Respectfully submitted,

Rosemary Jenkins





October 2, 2009


Damian Carroll submitted minutes for consideration. Rosemary Jenkins suggested that we save paper by letting people print out minutes at home (some people who are not receiving minutes should check their "spam folders").

Damian was tasked to check our by-laws to determine if such a method is acceptable.

Treasurer’s Report:

$186,000 [Union Bank: $140,000; U. S. Bank (which took over Cal Bank): four (4) CD’s totaling $46,000]

AD Caucuses:

40 and 42 AD’s: met to replace representatives:

40: Mike Goldman } elected through caucus

42: Lee Frank } elected through caucus

Chair’s Report:

Thom O’Shaughnessy, co-chair of Endorsement Committee along with Janet Reynolds

2010 Calendar of meetings: Chad Jones will post on website (if there are any conflicts,

such as religious ones, please let Chad or Agi know)

January 4 February 1 March 1 April 5 May 3 June 7

June 28 (two in June) August 2 August 30 (two in August)

October 4 November 1 (at campaign headquarters) December 6

Damian Carroll: Redistricting Commission

applications to serve on commission now available (a draft copy handed out at

tonight’s meeting)

December meeting will work on application procedures for those who are

interested in serving on the commission

DP/SFV Charter is up for renewal (we are a PAC)

Truman Luncheon:

individuals were asked to call upon certain elected to attend and/or purchase ads

for event

some clubs still need to inform Agi as to the following:

who presents from each club

how many tickets/tables for the respective club

will club place an ad? what size (prices vary)? what will it say?

Next Meeting:

in December

Respectfully submitted,

Rosemary Jenkins

DN38 Secretary, DP/SFV Representative