Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley (DPSFV)

DPSFV is the parent organization with which 26 other clubs are associated throughout the San Fernando Valley and the Santa Clarita Valley.   Agi Kessler is the president of this group.   We draw on the democratic principles set by our Constitution, the State of California's Democratic Party and the National Democratic Party.   We, in effect, believe we are stewards of the American Constitution and will provide outstanding service to our constituents.

We believe in ethical political practices, "clean money", integrity, transparency and multi-tasking the needs of our candidates to be exceedingly professional and timely.

Ethics and Compliance:   We adhere to the standards and the business conduct as described in our Constitution, and the State and National Democratic Party ethics and compliance sections.

Santa Clarita Valley Family of Democratic Clubs

The Democratic Alliance for Action (DAA) is more of a social interactive club responsible for public demonstrations, peace rallies, movies, interviewing the candidates, providing townhall debates and discussions/forums on the issues.   The membership assists in voter registration in the malls, on campuses, and at businesses.   The DAA encourages and edits materials for letters to the editors, assists in writing government officials, and advises on possible resolutions.   The DAA is chaired by Patti Sulpizio

Key Members

Patti Sulpizio is the president of the Democratic Alliance for Action (DAA), the parent group for the entire region.

Carole Lutness is the chair of the SCV Fair Elections Campaign and is a very outspoken local activist. She has run for office numerous times, not the least of which was her bid for the California State Assembly District 38. She was also the chair of the Democratic Neighbors of the 38th Assembly District (DN38), which was responsible for extensive GOTV efforts for many Democratic candidates. DN38 has since been discontinued due to redisctricting, but Carole tirelessly continues her dedication to GOTV.

David Lutness is a dedicated activist and environmentalist. He belongs to SCOPE, an environmentalist group and is also a member of the Sierra Club.   The husband of Carole Lutness, he is a father, grandfather and resident of Valencia.

Todd Hoover is the Webmaster for the SCVYOUNGDEMS.ORG site. He is the webmaster for Mighty Thunder Web Design and Marketing in Castaic and is also a Computer Systems Analyst at the Ronan Engineering Company facility in Valencia.

Minerva L. Williams-Hoover was the Vice President of SCV Dems (now discontinued) Coordinator for the African American, Hispanic and Minority Outreach.   She donates her time making fliers for an array of causes, designs web pages, writes press releases and e-blasts for numerous Democratic organizations.   She was an Obama communications director during his campaign.   With 20 years of marketing and sales experience at the LA TIMES, Williams-Hoover is a professional event planner, writer, marketing analyst and fundraiser.

There are other members that do not wish to be public in their activities and support.   We respect their wishes and do not include them in this media release, however it does not diminish their importance, respectability and uniqueness they bring to the group.

Democratic Websites

Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley
California Democratic Party/
Los Angeles County Democratic Party (Central Comiittee)
National Democratic Party

If you have any questions, please contact the presidents of each group or call Minerva L. WiIliams at