A HUGE THANK YOU to the many, many people who let the city know via email that they need to comply with state law and extend the Public Comment period on the G&L/Henry Mayo project. Despite some technical glitches and a few incorrect email addresses, they got the point loud and clear!

Many if not all of you received an identical response from Ken Pulskamp and Laurie Ender that requested "specific sections of State law" so they can further investigate the matter. Those points were clearly made in a letter from our attorney which Iíve now attached for you in this email. I highly recommend that you simply reply to them with this attachment; with enough responses like this, they might actually finally "get it!"

Also, to clarify a HUGELY important point: When an environmental impact report (EIR) is first published, the public typically receives a 45-day Public Comment period which includes a public hearing, a staff presentation, and the ability to offer oral comments. During this period, the city MUST respond to all of public comments in writing - after that time, the city will hear comments, but does not have to reply at all and staff has made it clear that they prefer this.

Whatís disturbing about the reply you all received from both Ender and Pulskamp is that the following statement is made:

At [the September 9, 2008] meeting, the public will have an opportunity to provide their input to the City Council. Oral testimony will be considered by the City Council in our evaluation of the project and the EIR prior to taking formal action.

While they are fully aware that we are seeking to reopen this critical 45-day Comment Period, they deliberately mislead you by not alerting you to the imminent loss of this important legal right. To paraphrase, "come to the hearing where your comments will be heard - and ignored to the fullest extent we can muster." I have little doubt that Ferry or Ender will attempt to close the hearing on the EIR at the 9/25 hearing, avoiding any future comment, input, or discussion on the matter.

That my friends, is how business gets done with City Manager Ken Pulskamp, the face of Santa Clarita. Itís not a lie, itís a verbal turd. As for Laurie, she just used copy/paste, most likely happily unaware and following direction. Stupid is as stupid does. If the mood suits you, I also recommend that you let them know how you feel about this approach to due process. I will hold a press conference at 10am in front of City Hall on Friday 8/8 to do this very same thing.

Again, thank you all! Our attorney letter was late which left you wondering - Iím sorry about this but have corrected it here. This email is also late but I went straight from work to meetings on this very subject and time is hard to find. We canít prevent a boo-boo or two but together, justice will prevail in this incredible tragedy and blemish on the many good people at City Hall.

Warm Regards,

David Gauny